what are the limits of language the limits of ?


Tro-pol-o-gy  / [troh-pol-uh-jee] -noun, plural -gies for 2. 1. the use of figurative language in speech or writing.  2. a treatise on figures of speech or tropes. 3. the use of a Scriptural text so as to give it a moral interpretation or significance apart from its direct  meaning. [Origin: 1510-20; < LL tropologia < Gk tropología.



This work is part of a practice that is a type of obscene digging (think root canal) into the tropologies of the mouth. It works as a recontextualizing of extreme voice/language in visual form. This is intended to be uncomfortable work tunneled to create monstrous spaces of stubborn sounds and 'sounded' images that dismay as they discomfort. It moves towards the obscene as an open query into the unsaid.  Flawed words vie with dopey words, insults with the deadpan, goofy, brutal, strange, funny, the gone awry, the vulgar, with the mis-grammared the miss demenered vernacular. Language here is a grotesque-opera, a droll stop-gap revealing the rupture of the unsaid in the pattern of speech.


In language training you are taught in this order; first the names for things, then storytelling, and then 'reporting' to ones fellows. In language training words are seen as the solutions to the wordlessness. But in words are also the mouth and the body...


              Words do not always come from words J.B. Pontalis


This range of enquiry and the accompanying body of work has been in process since 1990. In recent works there has been a moving from flat surfaces into object like structures, features bundling cardboard, sometimes bundles of metal, and tunneled structures of felt. These works are performing works...'sounding'. A vocabulary of fields as forms not images, they are nameless things that bulge and protrude into language, into 'that' sense. As strange objects, they are a sort of heard through sight ...a site for both abjection and pleasure. And as in all language this sounded one is like perfume, it has an unpredictable effect.



I'm currently doing research for a transdisciplinary practice-led (phew) PhD on sound and language, and Gertrude Stein. I am also producing sound objects, examples of this are my sound recordings, scores in film,  text works and venriloquist dummies, plus my work on blogs that are linked on the 'blogs and stuff' button. These I see as part of the work I am doing that I describe as SOUNDAGE: Digital OPERA(TIONS)