here on these pages brought to you by the wonders of tinney little dots and dashes you can see what i'm up to.

and you can see where else you can look for things i make, things i like, places i've been to, people i encounter for various reasons.

for instance, you are here right now at [majena mafe] my BIG artists web site, where you can see all sorts of stuff i make that's flat or flattish, i used to called them wall works for a while, then they started creeping round the floor, so i had to drop that.

if you go over to [furtherfield] you can some of the other things I do which are mainly bigger-longer projects and stuff.

i sometimes, well often really, make videos and i put them here on [youtube]and i put the WHOLE lot on [archive] which takes a lot of work, but i like the look of them here/there, and they're in good company.

other times i write on my blogs. one's called [that-unsound] where I collect odd sound stuff. I don't say much on this blog just collect. mind the 'rude' photo its all about the monstrous. long story.

i also write and collect stuff on [gertrude stein] here. i like gertrude stein a lot...well the sound inside her anyway.

i'm sorta interested in mary-festos (get it, girrl manifestos) and have started stacking a heap of them up here at a site called [multi-maryfesto's] because there are lots of them. i like the cowgirl turned wrangler sort of feel i get, hanging out here.

i also make that-unsound sounds here at [opsound] which are mainly mashups of 50's lounge music and voice stuff, always voice stuff.

i also make short unclassy voice operas, weird eh?... but they fill a gap in my heart, here's one here called [droorn-a voice opera]. its got moving pictures to look at while you listen.

i get serious too, you can watch how here on [linkedin]

i'm learning to yodel

and i enjoy meeting new and interesting people, you can join me in creating enormously big networks of people on [facebook]if you like.

some of the written writing (which is not very flat either come to think of it) i also do... (when you might ask?) is here at chloe outskirts it's called [grappled steps in the method-making of writing...] which is a very good title I think.