My collaborative work consists of dozens of projects, below are just a few. More can be viewed at furtherfield

87 Channel Opera for Sillience, with Adam Potts



a digital opera


Unplacements-Between...saying said and the unaccounted for



 Thread collaboration between majena mafe, susan buret and pamela  fitzgibbon-locke

As the collaborative team unplacements between, we work from the liminal space of the not-seen and the not-said. In the work, visual and textual cues are highlighted. These cues are unplaced and undone in ways that challenge the conventional symbolic order. In other words the relationship between culture its records, its facts and its fictions are altered to reveal the play between the notions of the marginal and the central.


We see our work as the place where codes of order are transgressed and nonsense is elaborated. Our work is strongly influenced by Dada and its latter manifestation as Fluxus, Michel Serres' 'theory of the unsaid' which describes how silence can be heard as a something and is not simply a nothing, and the space referred to as  feminine ecriture, a writing that can be loosely described as performing the body. Our practice is built from within a rigorous collaborative and interdisciplinary framework spanning artist books, pamphlets, multiples, visual-text wall pieces, sound and installation. It is a complex, multi-layered practice that both generates and performs its own theory and poetry.


The collaboration came about when we discovered overlapping interests and began exploring the possibilities of working in common. To date we have collaborated on numerous text and book projects, plus the Cactus Milk Exhibition at Metro Arts in September 2006, the 10+ Beyond Books Exhibition. Our next project is an exhibition at the Noosa Regional gallery in February 2007.

Our collaboration offers a unique frame to explore experimental approaches and outcomes. We are committed to the collaborative process and exploring it as a subversive creative act in itself.